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How many perils should your Virginia home insurance cover?

When you purchase a home in Louisa, VA with a mortgage loan, your bank requires you to purchase homeowners insurance. What the bank doesn’t do is stipulate which homeowners insurance you need to buy.

The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC wants you to understand your choices, so you buy the coverage you need. 

How many perils should your Virginia home insurance cover?

You have a choice between policies that cover 10, 16, or all perils.

That means the insurance policy covers you for ten to all naturally occurring or man-made events beyond your feasible control. That means that the policy covers your home against loss when a tornado hits it, or fire occurs. If a hail storm damages the siding or the weight of winter storm ice and snow rips the gutters off, the insurance covers your repairs. The same is true if a burglar breaks in and steals from you. Home insurance covers your loss.

You must decide when you purchase your policy, which level of coverage you want. A 10 peril policy covers only the minimum number of perils. It costs the least, but you remain unprotected. Sometimes referred to as a dwelling policy, landlords often purchase it for rental homes. A 16 peril policy covers most hazards. Most homeowners opt for this coverage. You’ll pay the most for all perils coverage, but you can afford to pay for any repairs needed.

If a covered peril wipes out your home completely, you can replace it using your insurance payment. How much you’ll get depends on the coverage level there, too. You can choose replacement value or actual value. The difference is that, with actual value, you’ll receive a check for the value of your home when the peril destroyed it, even if it has dropped in value since you purchased it, but with replacement value, you get the cost of rebuilding your home as it was constructed, with any renovations you made paid for, too.

Protect your Louisa, VA with home insurance. Contact The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC to obtain the coverage you need to protect your home in Virginia.