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Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Decorating Their Home For the Holidays

The holiday season is here, and this may mean that you are looking to decorate your home. Decorations help to make your home look and feel festive, but unfortunately, many people make mistakes that prove to be damaging as they hang decorations. Here are a few of the most common mistakes that homeowners make when decorating for the holidays and how you can avoid these mistakes, brought to you by The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC, serving the greater Louisa, VA community. 

Common Mistakes Homeowners Make That Can Cause Major Home Damage

Using Nails to Hang Holiday Lights

One mistake homeowners make when they are decorating their homes for the holidays is to use nails to hang holiday lights. Nails can damage your gutter system, roof, or siding. Always use light clips instead of using nails, which can cause permanent damage. 

Placing Inflatables Against Their Home

Another common mistake homeowners make when decorating their homes is placing inflatables against them. Inflatables can trap moisture against the home’s siding, leading to mold or mildew growth, or rot. Always ensure there is space between your inflatables and your home, so water and moisture can slide down and away from the home. 

Overloading Their Electrical Systems

The final common mistake homeowners make as they decorate their homes for the holidays is overloading their electrical systems. If you plan on using a ton of lights and inflatables, have an electrician to ensure your home can handle the electrical demands you are going to be placing on your home. 

Not Having The Right Insurance

Insurance can help protect the investment you made in your home in case something unexpected happens. At The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC, serving the greater Louisa, VA area, we can help you find the best home insurance policy with the coverage limits you need. Give us a call now to obtain an estimate.