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What’s new in commercial insurance?

Understanding Commercial Insurance and Its Trends for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you need to monitor global, national, and local trends and events as they can all influence your insurance coverage and rates. It’s critical to spot trends most likely to impact your business, discover ways to curb their effects, and confirm that commercial insurance coverage offers adequate protection. The dedicated team at Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC in Louisa, VA is here to help you find the best insurance options and tailor the coverage to your needs.

Manage What You Can Control

While commercial insurance offers protection when unfortunate events occur, it’s also important to consider risk mitigation. This involves taking steps to avoid those unfavorable events. Two trending commercial insurance areas—weather events and cybercrime—can be managed and risks minimized.

Preparing for Weather Events

Though Louisa isn’t categorized as a high-risk area for extreme weather, businesses should review their insurance coverage for wind, tornadoes, and floods to ensure they are adequately covered, particularly if they’ve recently upgraded their property or equipment. Undertaking a weather-related risk assessment and implementing suitable changes is vital for businesses in flood plains or similar areas.

Understanding and Mitigating Cybercrime

The occurrence and financial impact of commercial cybercrime are both on the rise. Digital intrusion can inflict as much damage as physical break-ins, so it’s a core business responsibility to manage your information resources to avoid damaging your operations and reputation. Cyber threat mitigation can even reduce your insurance premiums.

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Key Things to Know about Commercial Cyber Insurance

It is challenging to operate a business today without using computers. We use them to advertise, order supplies, take orders, and interact with customers and the broader community. That interconnectedness allows us to run businesses in ways unimagined in the past. Still, it exposes us to the threat of cybercrimes that can interrupt our operations and harm our businesses.

If you live in or near Louisa, VA and want to protect yourself against the financial effects of cybercrime, our team at The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC is ready to serve you.

What is Cyber Insurance, and Who Needs it?

Commercial cyber insurance protects businesses against cybercrime, including various threats, such as using computers to steal information or keep an enterprise from using its computers and data effectively. Cybercrime presents a risk for any company that uses computers to store information or access information on networks or the cloud. 

Cyber insurance has three primary components to cover various losses:

-First-partyYour direct costs for investigating attacks, notifying customers, lost revenues, and ransomware payments.

-Third-party or cyber liability: An attack on your business may harm others, so it covers attorney fees, settlements, and losses suffered by customers or suppliers.

-Errors and omissions: Focused on technology businesses, this coverage protects against losses others suffer when using your products or services that contain faulty logic, code, or other errors.

To qualify for commercial cyber insurance, insurance companies often require companies to take specific preventive measures to qualify for cyber insurance; further preventive measures can bring discounted premiums.

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How Much Commercial Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

If you’re the owner of a business in Louisa, VA, whether your company is new or already established, then you’re required to have commercial insurance. There are different types of commercial insurance available, and the type or types of this commercial insurance that you should opt for will depend on many different factors. There is general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, and workers’ compensation, among others.

Trying to determine which type to get for your business as well as the amount of coverage can be daunting, especially for new business owners.

Here is a guide that can help you decide:

Determine the Value of Your Property

Having the physical building where your business is housed appraised by a professional is an easy way to determine the value of your property. However, when it comes to determining the value of everything inside the building, that can be challenging. Some appraisers can make that determination for you as well. Only after you’ve come up with a total figure can you determine how much commercial insurance you need. 

Some Other Things to Consider

When determining how much commercial insurance coverage you need, you must consider the following:

  • The occupancy of your building
  • Whether your business has vehicles that are specifically for business
  • How much do you expect to earn in the future?
  • The type of business that you conduct.

If necessary, you might need to consult with a broker or agent with expertise in making such determinations for a more accurate amount. 

It can be difficult to determine how much commercial insurance coverage you need, as you don’t want to purchase too little, nor do you want to waste money and obtain too much. Hopefully, this guide was helpful for you, and if you’re seeking a new insurance provider, we are here to help.

The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC Is Here To Help!

We at The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC provide coverage for the Louisa, VA area. We can meet all your needs regardless of the type of insurance you need. We have been providing a variety of insurance for years, and we’re ready to extend the same great service and coverage to you. 

How much workers’ compensation insurance do you need?

As a business owner in the Louisa, VA area or anywhere else in the country, it is important to understand the importance of workers’ compensation insurance. In many states, you may be required to carry this insurance to protect your employees in case of injury or illness while working. Depending on the type of business you own, the amount of workers’ compensation coverage you will need can vary greatly. At The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC, we can help.

For example, a company that has employees operating heavy machinery or engaging in potentially dangerous activities may need more coverage than an office job. Additionally, if you are hiring independent contractors and not full-time employees, different regulations may apply as far as what kind of insurance needs to be carried. 

When it comes to choosing the right amount of coverage for your business, there are a few factors to consider. First off, make sure you check with your state’s laws and regulations regarding workers’ compensation insurance requirements. Secondly, speak with your insurer or broker about what kind of risk they think is associated with your particular business and how much coverage they recommend. Finally, consider how much financial risk you can handle as a business if an employee were to get injured on the job and not be covered by insurance – this could have serious implications for your operations and bottom line. 

Reach Out To Us

Overall, assessing your workers’ comp needs can seem like a daunting task at first, but careful research and consideration will help ensure that both you and your employees are protected from any potential harm associated with their jobs. For more information, call us at The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC today. We proudly serve the Louisa, VA area.

Why Does the Book I Read Say I Need a Business Owner’s Policy?

Many books on starting a business suggest starting with a business owner’s policy (BOP) since it provides the four most needed policies in one bundle for a smaller premium. The business owner can then add other coverage to customize the policy.

Does Your Business Qualify for a BOP?

The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC serving Louisa, VA, and the surrounding area, offers BOPs for qualifying customers. Only certain-sized businesses, typically small businesses with 100 or fewer employees, qualify for a BOP. The insurance industry also imposes a maximum on the amount of revenue a business can earn annually.

Risk Mitigation

Most books on starting a business include a chapter on risk and its mitigation. Insurance offers one of the key prongs to protecting your business from unnecessary risk.

A BOP includes liability coverage, business/personal property coverage, perils coverage – coverage that protects your office building’s structure, and business interruption insurance. If it incurs damage covered by the insurance, the policy pays for your claim.

Liability Coverage

A business incurs risk every time a customer enters its storefront or office. A slip and fall accident could occur or a robbery. Although quite different in nature, your business incurs liability for any patron injured during the event. That means that paying their medical bills becomes your responsibility, as does paying any court settlement that arises from the incident and the legal fees.

Perils Coverage

Perils coverage in a BOP refers to the same type of perils coverage you carry for your home. If a tornado hits your shop, the insurance covers the claim you file. If a fire breaks out and your inventory goes up in flames, your perils coverage ensures that you receive a payment to cover replacing what the business lost.

Business and Personal Property Coverage

The property coverage protects you from losses involving business equipment and employees’ personal property that they brought with them to work. So, if the fire in the above example broke out during the day and destroyed your business’s computers plus your employees’ purses and backpacks that held their precious personal items and cash, then the BOP covers that under the business/personal property section.

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Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC serves Louisa, VA, with the BOPs it needs to protect its businesses from loss. Contact us today to get started on your application for a BOP.

Why a home business needs commercial insurance

Home businesses are becoming increasingly popular and they make up the largest percentage of all new small businesses. It’s easy to see the attraction, you don’t need to spend money on a storefront, but it is risky to not treat your business as a separate entity from your home. At The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC in Louisa, VA we understand commercial insurance and why your business needs it. 

Property insurance

Home property insurance is very different from commercial property insurance. Commercial property includes not only the building, it covers the things you need to run your business. Your home property insurance will not pay for your business inventory or raw materials. In order to protect your business, you need commercial property insurance. 

Liability insurance

Your home has liability insurance and if anyone who is visiting you is injured, you have coverage. But your home insurance will not cover someone who is visiting your home for business purposes. You would be leaving yourself open to legal action and you would have to pay for it yourself if you don’t have commercial liability coverage. It is not worth the risk.

Auto insurance

If you are using your personal auto for business reasons and have an accident, you will not be covered. You need to have commercial insurance on a vehicle that you are using for business.  

Workers compensation 

In Virginia, if your business has two or more employees, whether they are part-time, seasonal, or full-time, you need to provide workers’ compensation insurance. 

Business interruption insurance

Most small businesses can benefit from this insurance, which will help you to pay your bills if you are forced to stop doing business because of a covered peril. It can be a lifesaver. 

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Important Commercial Insurance Facts

The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC assists the Louisa, VA community and surrounding areas. We strive to help our clients find policies that align with their individual needs. We offer our clients flexible policies that evolve as their needs change over time. We recognize that life may throw obstacles your way. We will help you obtain the necessary coverage to stay protected in any situation.

Important Commercial Insurance Facts

As a Louisa, VA business owner, you are aware of the difficulties involved in operating a business. When things get overwhelming, you can rely on your commercial insurance coverage. Commercial insurance covers your business against potential emergencies. You are covered if your equipment or inventory is stolen or vandalized. You are also covered if your property is damaged due to an accidental fire or severe weather. Liability coverage is the foundation of your policy. You are at risk of potential litigation at any moment. Liability coverage protects you if a patron is injured while visiting your property or if your products cause property damage. Workers compensation is an asset because it allows you to take care of your employees. The policy covers your employees if there is an injury in the workplace.

You can adjust your commercial insurance based on the evolving needs of your business. If you rely on online transactions, consider adding cyber liability coverage. Hackers are constantly searching for ways to obtain sensitive information. Cyber liability coverage protects your business if you suffer a data breach. Professional liability coverage is another option. This type of coverage protects your business if a customer alleges that your negligence while performing a service caused them harm.

The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC Will Help You Cover Your Assets

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What Insurance Should My Business Have?

What’s the best insurance for my business? The answer is not as simple as you might think. It depends on your type of business, what kind of risks it faces, and how much money you’re looking to spend.

Let’s break this down into three categories: General Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance. For example, suppose you own a restaurant or small retail store. In that case, General Liability Insurance will cover bodily injury or property damage that your customers suffer when they come in contact with any part of your operation (e.g., the food). And Property Insurance will pay for damages caused by fire, storms, theft, etc., to the physical structure where you do business (e.g., roof leaks, lightning strikes). Workers Compensation Insurance is required by law for any business with employees, and it’s designed to cover medical expenses and lost wages if an employee falls ill or gets injured on the job.

What About Commercial Insurance?

On the other hand, commercial insurance is designed to cover risks your business faces throughout its daily operations, and it’s pretty much essential for any business that doesn’t want to end up in bankruptcy court. Because with most businesses, if anything goes wrong with their operations and they don’t have enough money in the bank to cover it, then that’s exactly where they’re headed.

The benefits of getting commercial insurance include:

Liability protection: This is most important for business owners since this type of insurance covers the legal liability your business faces when it’s sued for bodily injury or property damage that was caused by you, an employee or a product sold.

Business Asset Protection: This coverage protects you from loss of property used in your business operations, such as computers, hand tools — basically your business assets.

All businesses should have some form of insurance. The real question is, how much do you need? Again, the answer to that depends on what you’re trying to cover and where your business is located. For all business owners in Louisa, VA, The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC can help you choose the best coverage for your business. Call us today for more information about our services.