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Insurance Coverage for Marine Electronics

If your boat is equipped with several electronic items, ensure that your existing boat insurance policy covers them. Guaranteeing that the electronic equipment is covered will provide you with peace of mind and prevent you from needing to replace damaged or stolen marine equipment yourself.

Your Policy

Review the marine electronics coverage that your existing policy provides. A comprehensive boat insurance policy often covers navigational aids and surveillance electronics.

Common Marine Electronics

  • GPS system
  • Fish finder
  • Telecommunication materials
  •  Camera and tracking devices
  • Alarm systems

Limits and Exclusions

Your boat insurance policy will contain a section highlighting the policy limits and exclusions. The policy limits will specify the coverage cap. If your marine electronics are more valuable than the cap, you may want to purchase additional insurance coverage.

The exclusion information that is featured in your insurance policy will specify any types of marine equipment that aren’t covered by the existing policy.

Insurance Add-Ons

Research some boat insurance add-ons that will provide you with supplemental coverage. If you own several pieces of electronic equipment that aren’t covered by your existing boat insurance policy, it will be in your best interest to purchase add-on coverage that will provide the equipment with the coverage you need.

The add-on coverage may protect against wind, rain, fires, theft, vandalism, and other events that could cause damage to your marine electronics.

Agency Assistance

Contact an agent who represents The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC today. An agent who serves the Louisa, VA region will determine the exact type of coverage needed for the marine electronics installed on your watercraft. They will provide you with a revised copy of your boat insurance policy.