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Tips to prepare your boat for a storm

In the face of an approaching storm here in the Louisa, VA area, your boat needs to be prepared in order to protect it from potential damage. Whether you have a sailboat or a powerboat, here are some tips from us at The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC to help you prepare your boat for the storm.

Tips to prepare your boat for a storm

1. Secure all loose items on board.

Loose items can become projectiles during a storm and cause damage to both your boat and other boats around it. Secure all lines, sails, and items on deck with extra-strength rope or bungee cords. 

2. Disconnect onboard electronics from shore power.

During a lightning strike, electricity can surge through power cords connected to the dock and ruin onboard electronics. Make sure all electrical cords are disconnected prior to the storm arriving at its location. 

3. Remove radar equipment if possible.

Radar arrays can be easily damaged by high winds and rain during a storm, so it’s best to remove them before the worst of the weather hits. 

4. Service your engine prior to the storm’s arrival.

This is in case of an emergency situation where you need to motor away from danger quickly or evacuate an area altogether. In addition, make sure that there is enough fuel stored onboard for several hours of motoring in case you need it during an emergency situation or evacuation scenario as well as checking that oil levels are appropriate for running the engine in rough weather conditions if needed. 

Keep Your Boat Insurance Updated

By following these tips, you can help protect your boat against potential damages caused by storms while ensuring that you and any passengers onboard remain safe throughout the duration of inclement weather events! For more tips about safe boating in the Louisa, VA area, call us at The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC today.