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Does My Insurance Cover Other Drivers of My Boat?

You brought your friends out on a sunny day to enjoy some boating time on the water, but you don’t want to get stuck sitting behind the wheel. You think about letting one of your friends take the wheel while you enjoy kicking back for a while, but are you sure if anyone else is covered under your boating insurance policy if an incident happens while they’re navigating Louisa, VA waterways? 

The state of Virginia does not require a boat owner to carry boat insurance. They do require you to register your watercraft and get a certification of completion of a boating safety course, and some Louisa, VA marinas may require you to carry boat insurance to be able to dock. However, while boat insurance is not mandatory in Virginia, it is a safety precaution just as important as a fire extinguisher or life jacket.  

The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC offers boat insurance policies that cover liability and physical damage to your boat, yacht or commercial sailing vessel. 

Typical boat insurance coverage includes: 

  • Uninsured boater coverage  

  • Property 

  • Liability Coverage 

  • Towing  

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Other People Driving My Boat? 

While your homeowners insurance policy may cover your boat in the event that it is damaged while someone you know was operating it, the coverage doesn’t go very far. Your homeowners policy will typically cap at 10% or less than your home’s value – and provides no liability coverage for damage your boat may do to others. Generally, your homeowners policy doesn’t provide enough coverage unless your boat is slow, extremely small, or inexpensive. Your homeowners insurance will not cover liability to others or other property in the event that someone operating your watercraft is involved in an incident. 

Boat Insurance Exclusions 

While your boat insurance may cover another passenger navigating your vessel, if your child doesn’t meet the age, training, and license requirements in your state, your boat insurance policy will not cover them. For example, nobody under the age of 14 may operate a personal watercraft, regardless of your insurance coverage. 

Questions About Boat Insurance Coverage? 

We’ve got answers! Call The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC today for more information about how to find the best boat insurance policy to protect yourself and your passengers while your boat is on the water, being towed, or in storage.