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Who is responsible for damage caused by trees on adjoining properties?

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Damage caused by trees – who is responsible?

During storms with high winds, trees can blow around quite a bit, and in some circumstances, branches can blow free and cause damage. After a storm with high winds, it can be difficult to determine exactly which tree caused what damage. But if you have trees on adjoining property with your neighbors, it’s important for you both to practice good tree maintenance.

While every situation is different, it is possible for neighbors to be held responsible for the damage that their trees cause. This can quickly turn into a contentious situation that causes problems between neighbors. This is why it is so important to keep your trees well-trimmed and maintained, especially before a storm. If you notice that your neighbors are not practicing good tree maintenance, it’s a good idea to take some pictures in order to have a record of the situation. 

If your home is damaged by your neighbor’s trees, be sure to discuss the situation with your claims adjuster. In many situations, it will be them who are responsible for the damage to your home. 

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