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Auto Insurance Policy Breakdown

The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC serves the Louisa, VA community. Life is full of unpredictability. We strive to offer our clients policies that will allow them to navigate life’s risks. We offer multiple types of coverage so that our clients can find a policy that directly aligns with their individual needs. We will sit down with you and help you find the coverage you’re looking for.

Auto Insurance Policy Breakdown

As you travel around Louisa, VA in your car, you have to be aware of your surroundings. Detours may cause road conditions to change, and you also have to think about the behavior of other drivers on the road. Auto insurance gives you a layer of protection if something arises while you’re on the road. Collision coverage protects you if your vehicle suffers damage thanks to an impact with another driver. Any damages to your vehicle are covered. Liability coverage is also an important part of your policy. Accidents can happen at any time while you’re driving. If you hit someone or accidentally cause property damage, liability coverage is a safety net. Liability coverage takes care of the repairs or the injured party’s medical bills and prevents you from facing potential legal action.

Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle in unique ways. Perhaps you are a victim of theft. Maybe a serious storm passes through the coast and causes debris to crack your windshield or break your windows. Comprehensive coverage protects you in these situations. You can also amend your policy to add extra coverage. If you choose to modify your vehicle, you can add modified auto coverage to protect you if the upgrades are damaged.

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