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Why Does the Book I Read Say I Need a Business Owner’s Policy?

Many books on starting a business suggest starting with a business owner’s policy (BOP) since it provides the four most needed policies in one bundle for a smaller premium. The business owner can then add other coverage to customize the policy.

Does Your Business Qualify for a BOP?

The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC serving Louisa, VA, and the surrounding area, offers BOPs for qualifying customers. Only certain-sized businesses, typically small businesses with 100 or fewer employees, qualify for a BOP. The insurance industry also imposes a maximum on the amount of revenue a business can earn annually.

Risk Mitigation

Most books on starting a business include a chapter on risk and its mitigation. Insurance offers one of the key prongs to protecting your business from unnecessary risk.

A BOP includes liability coverage, business/personal property coverage, perils coverage – coverage that protects your office building’s structure, and business interruption insurance. If it incurs damage covered by the insurance, the policy pays for your claim.

Liability Coverage

A business incurs risk every time a customer enters its storefront or office. A slip and fall accident could occur or a robbery. Although quite different in nature, your business incurs liability for any patron injured during the event. That means that paying their medical bills becomes your responsibility, as does paying any court settlement that arises from the incident and the legal fees.

Perils Coverage

Perils coverage in a BOP refers to the same type of perils coverage you carry for your home. If a tornado hits your shop, the insurance covers the claim you file. If a fire breaks out and your inventory goes up in flames, your perils coverage ensures that you receive a payment to cover replacing what the business lost.

Business and Personal Property Coverage

The property coverage protects you from losses involving business equipment and employees’ personal property that they brought with them to work. So, if the fire in the above example broke out during the day and destroyed your business’s computers plus your employees’ purses and backpacks that held their precious personal items and cash, then the BOP covers that under the business/personal property section.

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