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Protecting Your Louisa Home: A Guide to Home Insurance from The Pivotal Insurance Agency

When you buy a home in Louisa, VA, you think it and everything inside of it will be protected. That can be the case, but it requires a good home insurance policy. There are all sorts of things to think of when you get a policy, and at The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC, our goal is to ensure it’s affordable and offers peace of mind.

The Basics of a Policy

Every home insurance policy is built to provide you with a few different forms of coverage:

  • Dwelling
  • Other structures on your property
  • Loss of use
  • Personal belongings
  • Liability coverage

This means that your home and everything inside of it are covered against a wide array of scenarios. Additionally, loss of use will cover the expenses involved in getting a hotel while your home is being repaired if it is not in a livable state.

Further, liability coverage protects you if someone gets hurt in your home or if someone from your household damages someone else’s property.

How to Customize Your Policy

While the basics sound like it covers everything, that’s not always the case. That’s why you have to consider what makes your home unique in Louisa, Virginia.

If you entertain frequently at home, you may want more liability coverage. If you have many high-value items, you may want additional coverage on your personal belongings.

Additionally, you may want add-on coverage for hail, a sewer backup, or other emergencies. You want to prepare for every worst-case scenario to file a claim confidently and know it’s covered. Plus, you want a deductible that you can afford so that your home can be repaired.

When you’re ready to start shopping for home insurance, contact us at The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC so we can help.