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Insuring Your New Electric Vehicle

Are you shopping for an electric vehicle in Louisa, VA? At The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC, we keep up with the many types of vehicles our customers enjoy, ensuring that they get the auto insurance coverage and personal help they need.

Proud Owner of a New Electric Vehicle?

In the process of putting your EV on the road, there are a number of steps to consider, from taking advantage of incentives to planning for charging the vehicle. Insurance considerations are similar to those of other, similarly-priced vehicles, including making sure that you’re protected for the risks you consider relevant, as well as mandatory state coverage for the Commonwealth of Virginia. You’ll also need to take care of Virginia’s requirements for EV owners, such as alternative fuel tax payments and inspection at a location equipped for EV safety checks. Plus, you’ll need to plan for charging the vehicle’s battery, bearing in mind your expected usage.

Charging Your New EV

For most EVs, owners find the basic charging cable to require too much time for a full charge each day. Charging at public or workplace locations works well for many, but you may also want to have a higher-speed charging station installed at your home. Here, insurance considerations cross over from your vehicle to your Louisa, VA home.

At The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC, we can help you make sure your home insurance is updated to include this added electrical feature. If you find that the range of your vehicle is plenty with infrequent charging, you may find that you qualify for coverage adjustments for low-mileage drivers as well.

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Let’s talk about the optimum insurance coverage for your new electric vehicle and any related coverage changes, and make sure you’re all set for relaxing modern electricity-powered driving.