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What’s new in commercial insurance?

Understanding Commercial Insurance and Its Trends for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you need to monitor global, national, and local trends and events as they can all influence your insurance coverage and rates. It’s critical to spot trends most likely to impact your business, discover ways to curb their effects, and confirm that commercial insurance coverage offers adequate protection. The dedicated team at Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC in Louisa, VA is here to help you find the best insurance options and tailor the coverage to your needs.

Manage What You Can Control

While commercial insurance offers protection when unfortunate events occur, it’s also important to consider risk mitigation. This involves taking steps to avoid those unfavorable events. Two trending commercial insurance areas—weather events and cybercrime—can be managed and risks minimized.

Preparing for Weather Events

Though Louisa isn’t categorized as a high-risk area for extreme weather, businesses should review their insurance coverage for wind, tornadoes, and floods to ensure they are adequately covered, particularly if they’ve recently upgraded their property or equipment. Undertaking a weather-related risk assessment and implementing suitable changes is vital for businesses in flood plains or similar areas.

Understanding and Mitigating Cybercrime

The occurrence and financial impact of commercial cybercrime are both on the rise. Digital intrusion can inflict as much damage as physical break-ins, so it’s a core business responsibility to manage your information resources to avoid damaging your operations and reputation. Cyber threat mitigation can even reduce your insurance premiums.

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