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Key Things to Know about Commercial Cyber Insurance

It is challenging to operate a business today without using computers. We use them to advertise, order supplies, take orders, and interact with customers and the broader community. That interconnectedness allows us to run businesses in ways unimagined in the past. Still, it exposes us to the threat of cybercrimes that can interrupt our operations and harm our businesses.

If you live in or near Louisa, VA and want to protect yourself against the financial effects of cybercrime, our team at The Pivotal Insurance Agency LLC is ready to serve you.

What is Cyber Insurance, and Who Needs it?

Commercial cyber insurance protects businesses against cybercrime, including various threats, such as using computers to steal information or keep an enterprise from using its computers and data effectively. Cybercrime presents a risk for any company that uses computers to store information or access information on networks or the cloud. 

Cyber insurance has three primary components to cover various losses:

-First-partyYour direct costs for investigating attacks, notifying customers, lost revenues, and ransomware payments.

-Third-party or cyber liability: An attack on your business may harm others, so it covers attorney fees, settlements, and losses suffered by customers or suppliers.

-Errors and omissions: Focused on technology businesses, this coverage protects against losses others suffer when using your products or services that contain faulty logic, code, or other errors.

To qualify for commercial cyber insurance, insurance companies often require companies to take specific preventive measures to qualify for cyber insurance; further preventive measures can bring discounted premiums.

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